For my hard work I earned heaps the last fortnight.

So went off to Macpac to buy 2 down jackets. They were like $379 down to $150. One for me and one for my girl. Then 3 jumpers for my boy. They were $80 down to $50. I also need to buy the kids PJs for when they come over to stay.

Anyhow whatever I earned I was taxed 1/3. So not much left. It’s awful 😩

The money helps but then looking at my toll bill I didn’t save much dodging the tunnel and that’s like $15 a day in toll to go to work. Plus lunch on top. Plus feeling run down and sick.

At the end when I evaluate everything money sucks bad.

I’m trying to live within my means. And it’s hard for someone that never think twice about buying stuff I have to think like 10 times now before I buy anything 😂

All is good. It’s a lesson in discipline for me. I don’t need much now that my apartment is decked out. May be some wine glasses and pasta plates.