Plaqued by feeling down. Plaqued by feeling like crap. My body wanting to sleep all the time.

Yesterday driving my daughter home I noticed my tongue was dirty. Scrapping it off did help but not all came off.

I was like not again. Those stupid antibiotics did it. I had oral thrush. It must have been decades when I had it last.

After dropping her off in Hawthorn to return her formal dress I drove to Victoria Gardens in Richmond to buy the baskets and my clothes lines.

Whilst waiting for my pants to hem I did groceries at Coles. They give you an hour of free parking when you present their receipt.

Also bought bread and popped by the chemist to buy the drops. The pharmacist was like is it for yourself? I was like yes. I’ve just had a course of antibiotics. So she went on about how to use it.

It’s funny because on the other side of the fence I can pick up what she’s missed in her counselling.

I kept my mouth shut this time. Most time I’d tell them I’m a pharmacist so they don’t bother with the counselling. Makes for a quick get away.

Today I woke up still drowsy and listless. I’m just ticking the boxes. No enthusiasm in anything much.

One good thing my mouth is less sore and inflamed. I originally thought it was a sore throat. Silly me didn’t even think it was thrush. As half of my tongue was still clean 😩

Feels like the divorce has finally taken its toll on me. It’s the whole moving out, new job, new place, new car, studying, budgeting.

Lately it’s like what else can you throw at me?

I’ve always taken my health for granted. Not any more.