How cool is this ? I’m in his hood. We had a lovely time. It’s easy company with him.

The more I find out about him the more I like him. He’s okie for an old bloke.

Today he met me at the station and took me back to his apartment. We had cuddles 😊

After that we walked down the street for lunch. Then I walked back with him to his place as it’s a fair way considering he has to walk back to where we were for work starting at 4pm.

We held hands and he kept on giving me little kisses along the way. It’s nice that he’s initiating contact.

He’s a gentleman holding doors opened for me. He was going to pay for lunch but I insisted we go Dutch.

His place was nice and neat. Another neat freak πŸ˜‚ Looking at his bathroom he’s got more beauty products than me πŸ˜‚ No wonder he smells so good πŸ˜‚

He’s also taken a photo of us together so I can show my friends 😊

So far so good. He’s checked most of my boxes.