My gut has been pretty good at telling me what to do. I rely on it over my head to sort things out.

Lately it’s saying run, run as fast as you can. May be it’s cold feet. May be I’m not ready.

It’s only been one year. I’ve only moved out 6 months ago. I’m panicking.

I don’t see myself married to him. I don’t see us together long term. I refuse to settle.

May be I’m not the marrying type. May be I’m not the commitment type. I’m doubting myself.

May be the attention he’s paying to me has gone to my head.

I’m tired today. Woke up twice the other night as he wanted some lovin’ . The hay fever doesn’t help either.

Time for my hay fever tablet. Going to be a long day. I don’t have a tech today thus my in charge is coming in for 4 hours to help me out. Like I did for her yesterday.