Can’t sleep -frustrated

No sex-frustrated

Deliveries not coming -frustrated

Bank transactions not going through -frustrated

Can’t seem to get anything done. My basket of goodies yesterday from the chemist costed me $80-90. I’ve now got an account at my old business lol

I had gathered my basket up on Tuesday and yesterday the staff went and put it back on the shelf 😩 She told me the pharmacist told her to put it back 😩

The lockers won’t be delivered until next week now as they couldn’t contact me 😩 idiots 😩 I had missed calls from strange mobile numbers!! They could be scammers for all I know. Plus they had my email?

The intercom people have responded. They apologised and told me the quote was a copy paste from another client. Yeh right. It meant I saved $110.

I tried to buy sheets last night for the kids. Hmmmm couldn’t do it as it needed a bank authorisation. Apparently their system were down so all transactions over $170 had to be phoned through. The alternative was to put through as $170 lots. Told them I’m not going to pay for the extra transaction fees. So waited and waited. In the end I gave up and told them forget it. I’ll buy it online.

My book from eBay still not here. It’s been 2 weeks. The seller has responded saying he has sent it and for me to wait. That was a week ago. Yesterday he sent me another message to ask if I’ve received it or not?

Yesterday was a most frustrating day. I’m over having to chase things up.

On a brighter note I’ve got my first shift with the cruise people. They’ve booked me in for the 9th of December.

It’s a hairy one as it’s a coach tour around Melbourne. It means I’ll have to memorise everything. City tours are the hardest ones to do. You’re forever looking at the ever changing scenery thus you can’t cheat and look at your notes.

On the other hand it’s a tour that’s similar to the one I’ve done as a shadow. Fingers crossed.

The guy that’s organising the tour guides have told me he will book me for tours with earlier dates. Just on that day there will be 2 ships coming in and so all hands on deck.

Photos from what we cooked at the community kitchen yesterday . Bread and butter pudding with a fruity sauce and whipped cream.

Originally it was going to be a fruit salad to go with the pudding but when I had a look, the fruits didn’t look that nice so we ended up having to spruce it up.

The pasta bake was still in the oven when I left.

I made an Asian soup to go with the bake.

I do love cooking at the kitchen. I don’t do it often only when asked. It can get tedious if have to cook every week.

It’s nice when there is a variety of food donated.