Give up

It worked 😂 Very proud of myself.

Took me all morning to figure out how to AirPrint. When I bought the printer I made sure that I can, even though am old fashioned and usually would plug a cord to the laptop.

Well imagine my disappointment last night when I realised my USB end adapter is not the same as the cord from the printer 😩 One was 5 pins and one was 4 😩

So this morning I sat down to try and figure it out. Anyhow it worked. Now I can do the same for my MacBook Air.

Though will go to Officeworks today to find a mouse 😩 I hate not having a mouse.

It’s 7:59am. I need to go have a shower. Get changed and go walkies. Got a coffee date with Mr Consultant that I met on Saturday at 9:45am.

He wants another coffee before he catches his flight to Canberra for the week. He works interstate.

It’s nice that he is making time for me as he leads a busy lifestyle. His kids takes most of his time. 3 grown kids and an amicable divorce.

I think it’s nice that his is amicable too. As I don’t think many understands why we do the things we do.

Today’s errands:

Go to bank. I need to set up an account at the local bank. Just easier to be close than travel all the way back to the other bank.

Plus I need it set up for when I have a mortgage. That way it’s all in the same place.

I’ll do this before coffee.

Then it’s back to cook for the kids. Aiming to be back around 2pm so I can catch train into the city for the AGM for the tour guiding association at 3:45pm.

I’m a bit stuck so going to talk to the teacher about the route. She’s done the tour before thus will know which route the coach will go.

That way I can prepare better. I’m starting to panic now. It’s not good. It will be nice to see the guys from my course again. Have kind of missed everyone.

Going to be a long day. Going to be a long week too. From now on for the next 6 weeks I’ll be relieving at the hospital. Doing only half days on my non-working days.