I was driving again today. It’s been a long day. Just got home from a 1pm start. It’s now 10:06pm.

We had an anxious parent today as they’d lost their teenager. I radioed for help and within a few minutes they’d found her.

I then took the parents to her. I feel very safe now knowing there are cameras all around.

Those cameras worked their magic all right.

We even had a security for every buggy. Little did the patrons know it’s not really for them but more it’s because of them that the security was there to protect us.

What a game. The losing team was about 4-5 goals behind and we thought no way. They actually clawed back and was 4 points behind. Anyhow they still lost.

Problem was they were complacent. They had the home crowd behind them and they didn’t try hard. By the time they’d realised it was too late.

Lots of disappointed fans tonight. We had a crowd of about 80,000. Next week will be big since it’s the Grand Final.

Here is hoping the Tigers win as GWS the Giants is an interstate team.

I’m dreading next week. Today the crowd was just awful.