No I haven’t found Mr Right. I’ve found a FWB.

Mr Mormon is married but in an open relationship. He used to be a missionary πŸ˜‚We had coffee today as a first meet. Then we met again after dinner to go walkies and to talk. It was easy to talk to him. He ticked all the boxes.

1/ he’s tall

2/ blue eyes

3/ greying , very distinguished looking

4/ early 50s

5/ fit

6/ cute as

7/ he works part time so he’s flexible

8/ he loves walkies

9/ he’s intelligent. I like that a lot

10/ he’s a good kisser and his hands are really good at wandering πŸ˜‚

Took me all night to think of who he reminds me of. It was Steve Martin πŸ˜‚

Tomorrow I’m busy so we are making time to see each other on Monday πŸ˜‚

So little Ms V has gone and deleted all the dating apps.

Message he sent me before when I told him the tram just came. So very sweet.

Great, thanks for letting me know.

I will be happy if you let me know you’re home safely too – I don’t mean to be paternalistic, but I do now care about you… so I hope you don’t mind telling me. πŸ™‚