Or rather millimetering..The financial settlement is such a long process. I thought it would be done by now. I’m tired and frustrated to the core.

1/ selling the houses, settling our debts so that he’s got enough to buy me out

2/ subdividing our building so the value is true

3/ private agreement – all that entails..valuation and whatever else

4/ lease- my major source of income

5/ business-All the creditors and all the notifications that had to be done.

6/ transfer of my parents home

Next bit is for the accountant to lodge my tax return for me. Then we are both free to use the tax return to apply for a mortgage.

I’ll have to split the present mortgage up fairly for both of us.

From the look of things we might both be getting a refund this year from the ATO.

Since I moved out it has been extremely stressful for me.

All the rushing back and fro moving stuff. Cooking for the kids. Volunteering. New job. Studying. Getting used to the area. Budgeting. Setting up the apartment. Still at it.

I’ve bought another bed. It’s for the kids when they come over. Two can take the other bed and one this single one.

It’s so that when Summer comes they can stay longer if they wish. It’s more comfy than sleeping on the sofa.

I haven’t told them as yet. It will be a surprise.

I don’t know how I managed to survive it all. I’m surprised I’m still standing just. It’s taken a toll on me. I’m a bit down in the dumps. Usually I’d spring back but lately it’s been a struggle. It’s especially hard when I have to turn up to work.

I can’t really whinge as my tech is undergoing chemo and radiotherapy and yet she still puts on a brave face and turns up at work every day.

I feel like a clown.