Last night we went out celebrating. As my neighbour just finished her exams.

First we went off to the Espy. A local haunt down the road.

Saw a guy from the Bachelorette show Jarrod. Looks better in real life.

The Espy is for the young ones. So loud. So full of youthful energy.

Not for me. I had beer spilt on my jacket. On my cardigan and my shoes.

We got a bit bored after awhile and went to the Groove Bar at Crown.

I noticed a really cute guy standing by himself. He’s tall and that’s why he caught my eyes. Out of the crowd he was it.

Every time I looked at him I smiled. As the night end another guy came over to talk to me. Turned out he’s in Port as well.

As soon as he turned away my tall guy appeared. I was so happy. As he’s always had my attention.

We chatted and exchanged numbers thinking that that was it.

I was lucky as one of the girls took off so he walked me to the tram stop. As it was like near 3am he waited with me. I kept him warm πŸ˜‚

We then decided to go home together. I took him home πŸ˜‚

He’s so very cute. You know those fire fighter calendars with men with abs on them? Well woohoo. I don’t need a calendar. I’ve got one in real life πŸ˜‚

The thing is he lives all the way in Echuca 😩

I looked it up before and it’s like 2 hours 40 minutes drive 😩

I’m hoping he’ll relocate as he told me his son is studying in Melbourne and his daughter in Geelong. Also he’s had a look at the job prospects and there are plenty here.

I’m smitten. I hope he is too.

Let just say we got back at 3-4am and we didn’t sleep til after 6am.

And I had to strip the bed as I squirted big time πŸ˜‚

This is what he wrote afterwards..

Well, Vy, there was nobody at the apartment when I returned, so no awkward explanation. I’m in the Quest now, off to see my son soon.

Thanks so much for a lovely night. I’m so glad you smiled at me!