I sent this to Mr Crown last night. I did it because well I’ve got nothing to lose. And everything to gain. He hasn’t replied 😩

Hi M,

I’m lying in bed thinking about you. Loved the time we spent together. I don’t usually take guys home. I don’t know why I did with you.

There’s something about you that I found endearing. You’re not like the others. There’s a quiet confidence that you exude.

I don’t play games. You might think that I’m a city girl but I’m pretty practical.

I’m more than happy to travel to Echuca to see you if you like to get to know me better.

Happy to give it a go. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain.

Hope you don’t think I’m too forward. When something catches my eyes I don’t want to lose it. And you caught my eyes big time.

Sweet dreams


Meanwhile a Mr Croatian has asked me out to lunch. He had a nice voice over the phone and he’s quite thoughtful. He’s chosen a restaurant close to where I am and has given me directions as how to park as well.

We exchanged numbers last week and well I’d like to see where it leads. At least he’s in Melbourne. He’s already made a good impression by being thoughtful.

The girls asked me if this is what I wanted? I told them I’m keeping my options open. Who knows? No one has taken me out to lunch to have sex with me before. It’s nice to be made to feel special.