Of goodness. Well not in this photo as I’ve chopped off his face so it’s not recognisable πŸ˜‚

He’s so tall and I’m a sucker for tall men and men in uniform.

Look at those legs 😍 and those muscles 😍😍😍😍😍

Last night..

V..You’re not the only one flustered. I’m all mixed up inside as well. You kind of floored me.

It would be really nice to see you again. Shall we just let fate takes its course?

Have a great night.

M ..Sounds like a plan. We’ll have to work out when we’re both free…

V..Was just thinking you’ll be busy as bushfire season is coming

M..Afraid so. And you’ll be busy with all the different things you do! But anyway, we’ll get there sometime soon. Good night, V, sweet dreams…

I’m in heaven..I’ve managed to google his name and found photos of his brigade πŸ˜‚