Last night was a warm night so I went out with Mr Croatia for yoghurt. It’s a frozen yoghurt place where we can add toppings and sauce to our yoghurt.

Then we went back to my place to ditch his bike gear and went for a walk.

It’s nice talking to him. In the end I told him of my proposition that I should introduce him to my friend.

Well he didn’t get the hint. He was like no you can’t do that. I like you…and so he went on expressing his wishes to pursue me as I held his interest at the first phone call.

I ended up telling him how my Mr Crown has caught my eyes. He subtly reminded me that the guy is in Echuca and he’s right here right now.

After the walk we went back to my place for a hot drink. And of course he wanted to play. Anyhow it was awful to say the least.

I woke up to find another of his text asking me out to dinner again 😩

I decided to end it all this morning. I’m not very good at getting my message across 😩 I slept with him because I wanted to give him a chance and if anything to be a parting gift.

It just occurred to me it doesn’t matter that they are a nice guy. Or that they treat you well. But if there’s no chemistry there’s no point.

Hi G

Thank you for a lovely evening. I’m sorry I can’t see you again. I can’t offer you what you’re looking for. I don’t want to waste your time.

You’ve been a great company. It’s just I can’t get the fireman out of my mind. I know he’s in Echuca but I would like to give him a chance.

Hope you understand.