Okie I’ve lost my bet 😩 couldn’t keep my legs closed.

My coffee date yesterday came back for seconds 😂

Tomorrow Mr Consultant is coming over for a F..Funny how he hasn’t got time for me but time for a F. Lol

I’ve also booked tickets to Brisbane for the Melbourne Cup weekend. Mr UK has been hassling me. Apparently his Frenchie girl friend has called it off. And since I remind him of her he wants me to come and visit him.

Guess it’s only fair since he came down last time.

His texts:

Come and get some sun up north

I have a nice pool and hot tub and lots of sunshine

I can get you from the airport

and work from home so all good if you want to come mid week

It would be a lot of fun 😉

I’ll take you for a beach drive

And it went on and on..so I’ve given in and booked to come up on 3/11 til the 5/11.