Is always better than one.

Mr Boardie texted me whilst I was at the souvlaki place. So I asked him to join me. Since I lost my bet I paid for his dinner.

Then we walked back to my place for sex. Afterwards he helped me work on my tour. I like his brains. he’s very good at problem solving.

I’m feeling a bit better now. My aim now is to head straight from the pier to the river cruise. I don’t have the luxury of time.

I’d wish it was different but there’s just not enough leeway.

They’ve only given me 45 minutes to get there.

It takes 20 minutes with no traffic. With traffic at 9am it will be worse. I still have to walk the whole group in to board the cruise. Not only that if they are late boarding the coach I lose 5-10 minutes as is.

Anyhow it’s too difficult. I can’t see any other way. I’ll make it up to them on the way back to the ship. I’ll detour a bit so they can see some sights.

A few minutes late back won’t kill anyone.

Tomorrow I’ll set an alarm so I can go into google map again to plan my route at 9am. I really want to give it my best. Best route possible so they can see what they can see of Melbourne.