First it was off to Fitzroy Gardens to check logistics. A nice volunteer with the City of Melbourne showed me how it’s done.

I’m to drop off my group in front of the cottage then come into the information centre to let them know how many people are going in.

Then it was a quick tram trip to Richmond to have lunch

Special Spicy Beef Noodles. The waiter asked me why I am by myself. I told him we are divorced. That’s why. He asked how come…long story.

I thought since it was a beautiful day I’d take off on a river cruise. $27 later I learnt heaps. The guide was entertaining, though I think he got his numbers mixed up.

The Yarra river is about 242km long not 242 miles long 😂 so then he got it all wrong by converting it to kms.

Mr Toll wanted to come over. I did said yes then I changed my mind. Couldn’t be bothered. Plus I was due to go to drinks with another.

The drinks went great. We clicked so well it was good fun until he got serious. He wanted me to be his girl friend and that when he knows he knows.

It means he wants my company every second day to do stuff together. He was like I’ll look after you. I’ll treat you real nice you’ll see.

In a few months I’m going to remind you of today. Our first day that we met.

The more he rattled on the more scared I got. He was just so intense.

I felt like he wants things his way and if he doesn’t get it I might end up in the throes of his anger.

I felt like I was imagining things. He was whispering sweet nothings in my ears yet I couldn’t comprehend it as I was frightened.

I’m not usually scared of people. As I think I have a pretty good radar of where people are involved. I can sense their inner being and steer clear away from those that might hurt me.

Whereas this guy I must have let my guard down. He’s very charming no doubt. Just so many red flags.

Yes I do want to settle down one day. Yes we clicked. Just too soon. He scared the hell out of me.

All I could see was that of an axe murderer.