Literally πŸ˜‚

Food food food. We tried out a new Thai place. It was yummo.

Then the girls went and saw Harry Potter at the Princess Theatre.

And my son walked me to my tram stop. I was supposed to meet up with my girls group to go partying.

I came back too late plus I’m tired from last week’s of sleepless nights.

Mr Walkies took me walking today. I love spending time with him. It’s an easy, no fuss relationship.

He wrote this after..

Although we were both tired

This morning was wonderful 
I wanted to stay in your arms for hours 
One day I would like to spend a full day with you
Until then I’ll smile from the memories we make
Chat soon x
He’s always so sweet..I think I’m ready for bed soon. And it’s only 8:37pm.