And connections.

I went wandering again today. Such a glorious day.

My appetite has been huge..I had 8 sessions just in the last week. Let see:

Sat: Mr Boardie

Sun: Mr Elwood

Mon: Mr Meetup

Thursday: Mr Host

Friday: Mr Jungleboy

Sat: Mr Elwood and Mr Meetup

Sun: Mr Zoosk. He’s only 42. He tells me I don’t look my age so all good 😂

Mr Crown has resurfaced. I asked him should the mountain come to Mohammed?

He replied when Mohammed knows where he’ll be each day.

He’s been busy fighting fires. First the NSW ones and now the Victorian ones. He doesn’t think it will let up until January.

Today Bob the Builder resurfaced. Have been on the phone to him. He sounds happier and less grumpy.

And on that note I’d better go to bed. I’m buggered from all the walking and sexercise I’ve been having.

I’ll sleep well tonight dreaming about Mr Crown. Gosh how can someone has such an effect on me?