I got up late and decided it was time to get out of my rut.

Went to Bunnings to find ties for my laundry lines. One doesn’t screw properly so will try to fix it.

Was hoping there was a sausage sizzle for lunch. And of course being the holiday season no sausage for the naughty me.

Thus I drove to Coles supermarket to buy coleslaw, coleslaw dressing and pumpkin. Popped by the alcohol section for two bottles of Moscato for mum and dad and Bakers Delight for a bread roll.

Lunch. American BBQ meat left overs from when the kids came over. My coleslaw on fresh bread roll.

The pumpkin will go into my red bean soup. It’s going to be dessert for tonight. If I can be bothered making it. If not I’ll just bring the Moscato for the ladies. All sorted.

Now for my laundry. I squirted last night after bringing a random home. Had to go sleep in my daughter’s bed. So both beds are being changed today. So much for squirting.

On the contrary I don’t feel anything squirting. Would rather ride 😂 As for the random I don’t think I’ll continue with him. Don’t like floppy dicks 😂