I spent the evening talking to his sisters. His younger sister is really cute. We got along fine.

She’s extended her invite to me to come visit them in Sydney. She was like come up. You can stay at my place or my sister’s place. Plenty of room.

The older one is a bit more reserved. After all she’s the oldest.

The family is really nice. They’ve known my parents since forever.

I wonder if when our mums got pregnant with us if they thought we’d get together? He’s three years older than me. Looks quite young still and a splitting image of his dad that’s passed.

I had a feeling last night the whole family was plotting. I don’t know, may be subtly but it was there.

They were going to catch an Uber home so I offered to drive them home. Thus the mum, his sister and him jumped in my car. The rest went in the other car.

He was trying hard the whole night. And when we said good bye he gave me a hug. He’s still as awkward as ever.

Found out that he’s an IT project manager now and not taking photos anymore.

Still despite all, a lovely family. One I wouldn’t mind being a part of.

Did I just say that? I did too 😩

And guess what? I don’t have his phone number or he mine? 😂