On paper he fits, not sure in real life..


Tall, cute, financially secured, employed, fit, funny, barracks for same footy team, well travelled, doesn’t snore, eats everything.

Wanderer, eldest in family, gets on well with his family and lots of friends, can cook, very handy, not too bad in bed and the list goes on. We are very similar, I get him.


He’s guarded. Last girlfriend cheated on him.

He’s busy. Like real busy. I’m not sure where I fit in in the scheme of things.

He is single at 52-53. Never married. Red flag? Since he’s a great catch?

He’s self sufficient, he doesn’t need anyone.

He whinges about stuff. Like kids too noisy. Or the traffic. He whinges a lot.

He doesn’t text much. He replies to me with emojis 😩 I don’t ring him anymore as all I get is his voicemail. Doesn’t matter what time of the day so now I wait for him to ring me.

On the whole I think we’ve got a good foundation for a relationship. Not sure if I can sustain on not much sex or not seeing each other regularly. At the moment we are seeing each other weekly. It’s just not enough.