I asked him about his past relationships to get a better understanding..

Apparently his first was a nut..that’s the one that had his baby..his daughter and him are estranged.

Then there was one that left him for a single dad citing he didn’t need her. She wanted to feel needed.

After that was a doctor that he was together for 3-4 years. He said she was too boring. She was German, stickler for rules and well no fun. She was a nice girl, ex was an alcoholic thus she had issues whenever he drank.

The last one was 18 months ago, she was introduced by his sister. She cheated on him. She gave him her phone to sort out the removalists and he saw texts from a guy to her declaring his love.

From what I can gather I can see why he’s still single.

1/ he’s never around ? Hence the cheating ?

2/ he’s too independent, no one needs anyone these days

My observations:

3/ he puts his family and friends first over his girl friends.

4/ he over promise and under deliver

5/ he’s got too much on his plate. I peeked at his calendar on Saturday and every day had a dot. It means he’s got stuff on.

6/ he whinges about everything

7/ he struggles with all the stuff going on. I mean where the hell is he going to find the time for me?

8/ he’s got his walls up. He’s hesitant telling me where he lives. Even though he’s been to my place a few times.

The more I get to know him the more I’m cautious. May be he’s not Mr Right. Yet I’m hoping he is. I’m going to try my hardest to make it work.

I can’t fight the attraction. I’ve fallen big time.

Am I being foolish? May be? At least I am trying?

When you love someone you love them not only for their good bits but also their flaws.