here goes..the funny memes about Australians and our toilet paper crisis. These are what I’ve collected from the internet.

And then there’s the recording studio.

Will work ..for toilet paper.

The Lion King

Having a go at our most hated football team.

The hoarders


It’s friend Pete has only 4 rolls left..he said to me he only go through 1 roll every 3 weeks. Unless he’s got diarrhoea. Then he’ll come calling for my 26 rolls 😂

I’m set. Mr Wanderer still got my 9 rolls 😂

Yesterday instead of cleaning my loo with toilet paper I used kitchen paper towels instead and binned them rather than flushing them like I would do with toilet paper.

Toilet paper is precious commodity here at the moment 😂 Shops still have no supply. I’ve been going every day to check. They are limiting stock to a 4 pack per person.

Also managed to buy some rice and pasta at the local grocer. They didn’t have them in Coles, our bigger supermarket or at IGA the independent supermarket.

I scored big time. A bit more expensive but what the heck. I’d rather have some at home to feed my kids.