Yes I’ve been lazy and not posting much. It’s a long weekend here for Labour Day celebrations.

The Queen Mary 2. My goodness they have 113 days cruise. How do people cruise that long? I checked the prices and it’s expensive.

It was an awful day. Anything that went wrong went wrong. I was thinking at the end of it may be I’m not cut out to be a tour guide.

Photo of the docks. We were on a river cruise that went down river instead of up river.

By yesterday’s afternoon I felt like a complete failure even though the driver and I made $45 tip each. So I headed to the beach. The water kind of calm me down.

Today I am all good to go.

Life is still good. Life is still wonderful. Who am I to complain? Considering I still have 22 rolls of toilet paper left? When everyone else is rummaging for some? šŸ˜‚