Did my days go? I’m not sure.

Saturday I tidied up. Went to an open then popped by my sister to visit.

Sunday I did the tour.

Monday pretty much nothing.

Tuesday I went for a walk then found out Mr Wanderer was sick so I promptly told him to rest and went groceries shopping to cook him soup, congee and ginger chicken. Bought him some stuff from the pharmacy to help him with his sore throat.

Then went back to the old place to sort out dinner for the kids. Drove back to Mr Wanderer’s place and slept over since the hospital was only 15 minutes away.

Wednesday I worked, came home and ate out.

Thursday I worked half day. Cooked at the community kitchen in the afternoon and went to a wine appreciation course at night. Rushing around day.

Friday (today) I went walkies. That tired me out so went home had a nap tidied up and it’s now 5:16pm. I need to get ready to go out to dinner with the kids.

Later tonight I think Mr Wanderer is coming over for cuddles. He’s having a nap at the moment before heading near me for dinner with his friends and his sister.

He’s been very attentive lately. I think may be me looking after him whilst he was sick might have something to do with it.

Lately I’ve been thinking about us. He’s not perfect but for now he’ll do. Problem is I like him too much for my own good.

Just realised have fallen for another Mr Nice Guy. He reminds me of my ex 😩