Away has now turned into 3-4 weeks. I’m more than disappointed.

Last week I told him look don’t tell me you’re coming back until you’re sure so may be make it next week.

That way if you’re back on the weekend it will be a nice surprise.

Guess who’s surprised now? He just told me it won’t even be next weekend it will probably be Tuesday/Wednesday the week after.

I’m just over it. Hate all this waiting and not seeing him. No cuddles or nothing.

He tells me he misses me too and that he’ll make up to me when he gets back.

It’s just he’s in a hard place at the moment as his friend needs help and he’ll get paid 3K and it’s money. He doesn’t know how his job is going to go so the money will come in handy just in case.

Anyhow I can’t argue with that. Work is work. It’s just hard. I need cuddles badly.

I feel like pulling the plug and find someone who’s actually around. But I can’t because I’ve got feelings for him. It’s not fair.

My walk this afternoon

The sun setting