The days just goes. I spent Saturday doing chores, went to the market and then went to the kids and cooked dinner.

After that I headed to Mr Wanderer’s place. We spent half of the day on Sunday sorting out his back yard.

He had all these succulents to pot.

I also weeded.

And we erected a shed for his precious timber. He cooked lunch for me on the BBQ.

Anyhow we were hoping to finish the shed when the press conference came through at 2:30pm.

Melbourne was going into stage 4 lock down as of 6pm. And there was going to be a curfew from 8pm til 5am.

I must admit we were in shock. We knew stage 4 was coming but we thought they might give us notice like to start on Wednesday or something. The other shock was we thought it might be for 2 weeks max. Not 6 weeks 😩

Their reasoning was if we don’t go to stage 4 the numbers will stay at around 500 every day. It’s not working.

So I quickly grabbed my stuff and left for home. It was near 3:30pm then.

I managed to go for a walk along the beach and went to buy groceries to find no greens left! People were hoarding again. Nothing much to buy. Luckily for me I had the foresight to online shop.

Mr Wanderer had to go to his rental and after that he was going to go to my place for dinner. He made it 15 minutes after curfew.

We’ve pretty much spent the last two days inside. He’s fixed my tap!! And helped me with taking off my heater from the wall.

I’m at the kids prepping for dinner. Mr Wanderer did offer for me to stay at his place tonight as I’ve got work tomorrow. His place is only about 15 minutes drive from my work. I declined. Got my monthly and well it’s just too hard.

If I stay at his I won’t have to leave the kids’ place until 7:50pm. If I go back home I’ll need to leave at 7:20pm to be home before curfew.

Apparently we’ve never had curfews in Australia. Even during WWII.

Yes, we are the naughty one. They door knocked and 800 people weren’t home. I mean 800 people that were supposed to isolate!

That’s why we are in this lockdown for the next 6 weeks! One hour exercise each day and only one person from each household out for groceries each day.

I told Mr Wanderer I’d better suck up to him as he’s got a tradie’s card! It’s like gold! Can go to Bunnings and trade places to buy home renovation stuff 😍

hmmmm found this one in my draft folder! Was supposed to post it last Tuesday? Thought I’d post it already 😩