Well nearly done!

His courtyard I tidied up a few weeks back.

Facing the street! Rubbish bins! The left one is for household rubbish. Blue is recyclables. Light green lid is garden waste and composts etc

He’s got a 240L and 120L garden waste. The garden waste gets emptied every week.

His side was the worse. Looks like a jungle in there. It took me a few days of pruning to get it looking like this! Can see the fence now.

There’s also a little canopy I made from removing all the undergrowth, rubbish and pruning back any branches that was hanging too low.

His neighbour says hello to me every week! I think they like me since that jungle is next to the shared fence 😂

It’s a fire hazard since there were dry twigs and branches everywhere.

This weekend I’ll be tackling that brick pile.

His shed nearly done. Only one more door to go.

His side of the house looks messy. He’s got stuff flying everywhere. I think once I tackle that then it’s all done.