How cool is this tree? We went to visit his friend in Echuca. Don’t ask me what happened! We stayed there for 3 nights. We didn’t camp at all! And I got annoyed at him.

We didn’t start out til late. Mr Wanderer bought tickets for the 2:45pm paddle steamer. Thus we had 2 hours to waste in Echuca.

We went on the PS Alexander Arbuthnot

We sat on the top. Got a bit wet as it rained parts of the way.

Mr Wanderer asked the lady if we had to wear a mask. She replied no as the river is considered NSW! Not Victoria!

You can see the border of the two states on this map. The blue dot is where I am. Mr Wanderer is camping somewhere near Bendigo.

The engine to ours. I missed a photo op when they were tending to the fire.

This was how they used to transport logs/ timber in the olden days.

The old port area

Loved the old buildings

They have carriage rides down the street.

Apparently in 1970 the water reached the top! The water levels have dropped since then. And still is dropping.

The old sawmill. How the logs was sawn.

You can see the huge saw here if you look carefully.

The huge engine behind it all. We got there late so not much steam as the fire has died down.

Love the whole belts and steam and whatever else that runs it all. We humans are ingenious!