Behind. Today we went cycling again.

How did I cope? Nurofen all the way!

We went down different lanes. I’ve posted this one before. As it looked familiar.

Someone’s helmet?

Why do people tag? It’s awful!

And we found a new coffee place.

But I think we will stick to our regular! He remembers what we drink!

Today I rode by myself from Federation Square. I hated it! Even though there’s no cars along Swanston I had to ride in between parked delivery vans and the tram.

Whenever the tram stops at the stop the rule is you’ve got to stop as well!

And the gap between the parked vehicles and trams are quite narrow.

Googling I found this! It’s a study of Swanston St!

Mr Wanderer went ahead to order our coffees as we didn’t have much time! I think he’s trying to teach me to be more independent 😩

On the way home we went the other way.

Not my preferred route! We went down Collins to William then crossed the river to join the bike path!

I told him no roads! So we cycled on the footpath until we couldn’t anymore! William St goes down hill towards the river! And it’s scary as you’ve got to look for cars turning left into Flinders and then it does a bit of a hook and then it’s another big intersection to get through. Two big intersections 😩

We got into the city at 11am and came home at 11:50am!

I thought his meeting was at 1:30pm in Dandenong?

Well it turned out to be at 1:00pm. And he still had to stop for fuel! And he also wanted to go to Total Tools to use up his voucher!

Lunch was ready at 12:00pm! We started eating at 12:10pm as he had to shower and change into his work attire!

Some fried rice and a cuppa later I don’t think he left til 12:45pm? He fluffs and fluffs.

I overheard him tell his clients to look out for his colleague and that he’d get there between 1:00pm to 2:00pm 😂

I was going to take away but decided against it. Made dinner after I did groceries! Had to go get more Nurofen! It’s hurting bad tonight.

Tomorrow I’m off for another bike ride with a girl friend. She lives about two blocks away. She’s terrified of roads too so we will be taking it slowly. Plus she’ll be riding with her little dog Fifi. She’s a Brussels Griffon.