Moment. He thought he had a meeting at 11:30am! I took off around 10:10am! He left around 10:35am.

Him this morning when I texted him to tell him I’m at the coffee place.

Outside the coffee place.

I took these for my daughter as her boyfriend is into succulents.

I just love the blend of new and old.

It turned out his meeting was at 12:30pm! We didn’t start riding back til 12:09pm. I took 28 minutes back as I got caught at the lights. I also had to walk my bike near the underpass.

He took the quicker route down William and across Queensbridge Rd. I think he got back in 20 minutes.

By the time I got back he’d already showered and dressed for his meeting.

He’s always pushing it! We went for a walk and I was conscious of the time. Him? Let’s walk more block 😂

Last night he let on that he’s never been affectionate. I asked him about his ex girl friends. He told me none of them was affectionate either.

I just looked at him! Why are you with me then?

As for his ideal girl? Blonde, piggy tails and big boobs 😂

Photo from internet.

Which is not me at all 😂.