To swiping! Mr 45 was another dud! One date wonder! I’ve been sussing him out and he sounds like he doesn’t value his health.

I do so no go! Today have two dates lined up. Then dancing at night.

One date is already a strike through as I think he’s only after sex. I’m not sure if I want to collect another FWB!

Anyhow we will see. Hopefully soon there will be older guys filtering through my dance class 😂 I’ve already pretty much tell them where I’m taking classes!

It’s just easy as ABC to sign up and do a month or two of the lower class and go up to my level! I suck badly so will stay at my level forever 😂

My favourite
My son checking out a Ute with a slide on camper. Yes we made it to the caravan show. It was wet and dreary.
I didn’t buy any! Only bought this 😂
It was sunny one minute and rainy the next. Feels like Winter than end of Spring.
At this rate I’ll need one of these 😂