Yes! I’m still going on dates! It’s terrible!

After Mr 45 was 2 others! I went out to coffee with one. He was only after sex. He’s getting a divorce and wanting FWB hopefully to continue into a relationship after.

He sounded like not a nice person. So I declined.

The next guy kept on delaying the time to meet. I told him ummmm if you had said to me this morning that the weather is dismal and could we please reschedule I would have been happy to! I’m not rescheduling it now that you wanted to meet 3pm then 3:30pm then 4pm? Now another day?

Oh but I still want to meet you? What the? You’ve had your chances mate! I don’t have time to waste!

That was last Tuesday. Then this weekend I had a walking date with a cute 43 years old. He was tall, cute looking with grown up kids. Problem was he had rotten teeth. First thing that came into my mind was ummmm I’m not kissing that! And since he was a tradie, drugs? That was Saturday.

Sunday I went on a day trip with my girlfriends

A winery in Port Arlington
How cute is this? I might print it out and frame it.

Then Monday I had another walking date. We got on like a house on fire. Grown up kids. Well to do. Funny. Own teeth and hair. Tall enough. Except I am not attracted to him 😩 He’s very close to what I want. Just not the one.

One good thing I go on walkies date now to get my steps up. And the blog gets photos 😂

Kills three birds with one stone 😂