Know what they say? If you keep on doing the same thing you’ll end up with the same results?

$23 brunch. Ridiculously priced. Bacon wasn’t even freshly fried.

It’s because I wanted a bacon and egg roll and they didn’t have it so they said try the restaurant. This was $20 plus 10% surcharge being a Sunday then card charge on top.

Don’t think I’ll be going back there any time soon.

I ended up having a meal in Richmond plus drinks for dinner for $21.

I decided to walk to St Kilda yesterday. The sun was out and it was glorious.

Views from the other side.

After the walk I came home and napped. Then went into the city for salsa and dinner.

Mr Boardie came over with his sander. He ended up fixing my blinds. I gave him a bottle of wine and some cake in exchange for his sander. Plus I took him to bed.

Mr AM is very good in bed but he’s never around. I think I might have to recruit a new set of FWBs to ensure I’m never without sex 😂 since the dating pool is so dismal!