And longer between posts.

My last tour for the season. Next cruise season doesn’t start til October.

Hopefully now I’ll have more time for blogging.

My two gold fish died. Mr Boardie reckons I should buy new ones. I told him I don’t want to kill anymore. He said it’s okie he’s a serial fish killer. His fish dies all the time. But then he’s got fancy pretty ones.

Can you see the balconies of the shorter buildings?
My slice of heaven on earth. I love living in Port.
One of my favourite buildings
Been walking heaps and dancing heaps. I’ve toned up.
And eating heaps
Dessert with my kids
I’ve deleted all of my apps. No more dating for me. Mr Wanderer popped by the other night. I made the spare bed for him but he ended up in my bed. Sex was much better than before.

Guess I’m not over him as yet. I need to learn to detach.

There’s a guy in dance class that’s interested. Though I’m hesitant. We have nothing in common except for dancing. He sounds boring. My girl friend was like boring but safe lol.

Happy Easter everyone. I’m dreading work. After today I can relax as it’s a long weekend. Not due back at work til Wednesday.