I woke up early today as I had to pick my parents up from Southern Cross station.

They took the interstate train to visit their friends in Sydney. They said it was just easier. Even though it took them all night on the train verses an hour on the plane.

Their reasoning was it meant the train takes them straight to Central station. No checking in and out and train to get to Central.

My dance class is pretty close to the station thus the last 2 classes I’ve been scouting for car parks. As they arrive at 7:30am which is in the middle of peak traffic.

This morning I rushed as dad texted to say they were 15 minutes early 😩 luckily instead of me thinking it’s a 15 minutes drive there it only took me 10.

I had time to U turn and park and pay for parking, on the other side of the road so it’s a bit closer for them.

We went out for my youngest‘s birthday. I had miso salmon. The birthday girl’s tray had eel.

You choose a main and then all the side dishes comes with it.


We then went back to my place for tea and cake. And took photos.

One of the ladies at the community kitchen reminded me today that we are still a family unit even though their dad and I are not together anymore. Because family comes in all shapes and forms.

I made lamb Rogan josh. Gave the kids some to take home.

I saw Mr FA again on Sunday. He came for dinner. He offered to wash the dishes for me. Was annoyed at him as the next morning he didn’t want to wait another 15 minutes for me to leave together.

It meant I had to go down in my night gown to grab him back up since he couldn’t get out without a remote. And I had already pressed the lift to go back up as I still haven’t showered and I had to leave for work in 10 minutes and was running late.

The thing was I gave him my spare remote the last time he was at my place. He still got it as he changed cars so he left it in his other car 😩

He was upset as he said all it took was a few minutes for me to walk to the gate to open for him to go and why did I make him go back up?

I was arghhhhhhh he had no patience what so ever. I was out of my apartment in 10. He was like that was quick? May be he thought it would take forever like his ex’ ?