I don’t need a big house
I don’t want no fancy car
We can live in that godawful house
Or the back of the ute for all I care
I don’t need no commitment
I don’t ever want to tie you down
We can go wandering till your heart’s content
Or we can just sit there and talk till morning comes
I don’t want no one else
I don’t need no other
We can go on and on if you like
In my heart I know
I’ve been waiting for you for all of my life
I don’t want to go on without you
I don’t need my heart to be whole
We can ignore it ..we can try to curb it this feeling inside
But what’s the point? Told you already ..
I’d follow you to the end of the earth if you would only let me
If you would only let me

For JO


I wrote this lyrics with a friend in mind. Some days I wish for a life like his. A job that revolves around him so that he can take off at a minute’s notice. He doesn’t own much yet he’s rich in every sense. Friends around the globe, a little haven he calls home when he is home and a life so full that you would need a V8 to keep up with.

Wishful thinking on my part for it is not in my nature to be like him. Though I do like to wander I also love routines and my security blanket, a roof over my head and food on the table.