I think the first time I heard of stinky tofu was from Kung Fu Panda? a kids’ movie. By chance when I was planning our trip to Japan I got slugged with the Tsunami. I was beside myself as to where to go? Our plane tickets all paid for and because I haven’t paid for the travel insurance I couldn’t do anything with them. They did offer a rebook but with a fee so my hands were tied.

In the end the cheapest option was to go to Tapei $2000 (airfares) for 5 of us as oppose to Seoul $5000 then coming back to Tokyo to catch our connecting flight back to Melbourne.


Back to the stinky tofu, the first time we encountered it was the second night there. We ventured out from our hotel and caught the train to the market for dinner . As soon as we entered the market hubby was like what is that smell? smells like horse manure according to him. He was like how can people eat that stuff? the stall though had a long long line. I was like but people are lining up? it must taste good?

It was cakes of tofu with a layer of something on it? bacteria? mould? they deep fry it and served it with pickles and sauce.

On our last night there we went to the market again and I urged him to try. I was like it’s their national dish we must at least try it once? so we lined up paid for a serve to be had in between the five of us. And? it tasted yummo like big YUMMO. The flavours were all there, popping in our mouth. We tried two different stalls and the stinkier it is the more flavoursome it was if you can get past the smell.

We didn’t realise though that the smell seeps through our hair, our clothes. As soon as we got back to our hotel room we had to all strip and have a shower just to get rid of the smell. It was all worth it though. Thinking back with regrets we should have tried it on our first night there for then we would have been able to have it again, again and again.