I didn’t want to write yesterday so today will make up for it not that anything comes to mind.

Yesterday I spent all day out. In the morning I went to an interview for a job. One of those jobs that I wasn’t even looking for. Being so close to Christmas I didn’t want to tie me up in a bow. I was just minding my own business, went into Seek to browse and the job popped out at me.

It was an opportunity so I took it. After passing two interviews with the recruitment firm, I didn’t hear from them for weeks. They sent me one of those monkey survey which I gave them a 1 out of 10 for not being professional.

My advice to them was to check their processes. If a candidate is not suitable please let them know straight up. If they are then updates would be useful.

I too own a business and it wasn’t good enough. Customers do come first and if they treated all their candidates like that there wouldn’t be any left.

On Tuesday they rang me to ask me if I was available yesterday for an interview with the employer. By then I was over it, over the job over the recruitment company and since I didn’t have much planned I replied okie I am available. I wanted to see what they were going to do next? are they going to redeem themselves ? for leaving me hanging the last few weeks?

The interview went fine from my opinion and they did update me afterwards so all good. If they wanted me to earn them money they’d better work for it. I do not come cheap and I do not appreciate being fluffed around.

One good thing it was a beautiful day so went into the city for a wander afterwards. Took my camera with me but in the end couldn’t be bothered so took photos with my phone.

Our gardens are such treasures and yet for a Melbournian like me they looked foreign for I haven’t been for years. Only recently a walking buddy showed me them again and for that I am thankful.

I will be back with my camera to take proper photos. Yesterday was a test run to check for angles and what not.

Below are photos of Queen Victoria’s garden.