Lately my life have been quite not itself. Things happened and not for the better or may be it is? Who are we to question what the stars align for us?

From working 2 days a week in another city to being home full-time was a big adjustment. Not only to 2 extra days of free time but the hard bit was to assimilate back into full-time family life. What I miss the most is my solitude. Quiet nights after work just enjoying my own company.

When I am not at home the household is a bit messier but it still runs. Now that I am home full-time it feels like yes it does run better but more chores have fallen on my shoulders.

Hence those 2 free days are now taken up with chores and cooking. I kind of resent that. I feel like my head is getting dull, the days just blends into one.

Yesterday on our lunch date hubby passed the buck. He was like now that you are free do you mind doing this talk for me for the nursing home? I was like I don’t mind but inside I was like yes I will add that to all the other stuff I have going on. Why do people just assume that because I don’t work as much that I don’t have a life? hubby included.

My days before:

1/ Sunday: Work in the morning, lunch with family, afternoon groceries shopping for school lunches next day, make sure there’s no dishes in sink, no clothes in the hamper, pack and leave after dinner for work.

2/ Monday: Work

3/ Tuesday: Work

4/ Wednesday: sleep in , beach walk, pack up house before heading back to Melbourne. I’m really there to sort out house, take rubbish out, gardening, wait for tradies, deliveries, etc.

If Melbourne is crazy, then I drive back on Tuesday night to be in Melbourne to help with the business.

5/ Thursday:Sort out house in Melbourne, lunch date with hubby and usual chores

6/ Friday: Volunteer or work at the business. If I am volunteering then I need the whole weekend to catch up on work.

7/ Saturday: Morning is spent groceries shopping then home to sort out house.

My days now:

Every day the same, I do leave one day each  aside to volunteer and work at the business like usual. The other days just seem to end up in oblivion.

I do have more time to organise the household. Have just got hubby to do a general fix up around the place. Have ordered a window for my oldest’s room. Have filed away all the paperwork. There’s still lots to do as we are renovating the freehold thus I am responsible for ordering doors and what not, yet somehow I feel like I am so bored of it all.

Hence this, this blog is suppose to be my saviour yet I find it is not enough. There must be something more, something to stimulate my brains, my need to learn. The doctor’s advice was to join the gym, join a club, have a routine.

The gym is out as I hate to exercise, been trying to go on regular walks. Join a club? doing what? I have enough hobbies as is. There’s cooking, writing, walkies, taking photos, making cards, music.

Anyhow have applied for a part-time position so that I can go back to work. If it falls through then will enrol in a course to further my learning. Any course will do until I find a hat that fits.

For now I just need to chillax, enjoy sleeping in, going on walks and not worry about any competencies for work. Sounds easy? but oh so hard to do for someone that zooms around at a hundred miles an hour.