I first found the internet years ago in 1999? Back then chat rooms were powered by Java script. I found myself in one and it all started from there. After text only chat rooms came audio ones and I quickly swapped over to the music rooms. The ones where you’d take the mic and sing or play your musical instrument. Then came the webcams and so on. After the chat rooms came the blogs. One site to the other I have kept my nick.

My very first nick or handle was Titi, a common Viet nick only to find out there was another girl from Melbourne, similar age to me and with exactly the same nick. It confused everyone so then I took the nick dewdrops, a direct translation from Vietnamese bestowed on me by one of my chat buddies. Dewdrops was particularly hard to pronounce in Viet thus I ended up with lots of variations dew, dewy, DD, double D and it stuck.

That’s why this blog is Dewy’s Place. I was thrilled to find it hasn’t been taken by anyone.

As for my tagline it came from a well known Viet love song by Pham Duy.

It’s a story of a broken love. They knew each other from school, one of those love that was unspoken. She wrote poems and he composed songs. He became a musician and she became someone else’s wife. Their lives drifted apart.

The tagline goes as such.. Strands of hair, short strands, long strands. Even though we can’t be together in marriage our love remains for a thousand years.