Today I learnt how to negotiate. All these years with regard to jobs I’ve mostly been in the public system which meant my pay rate was a given . You do so many years you get paid so much. You go up a grade your pay increases.

When I first went into the private system, because I needed the experience I accepted what they offered just to get my foot in the door.

Fast forward years on I have pretty much changed my status . I am no longer that person desperate to work at any rate.

I have accumulated enough experience to have bargaining power. Plus I work because I want to work. I want to feed my brains . I want to douse it with information that it’s always thirsty for.

I do not need to work financially because the more I work the more I get taxed . Pretty much I am working for free. So I have the luxury of picking and choosing which job I think would suit my lifestyle.

When I applied for this job my very thought was yes it does suit me. It suits me to a T. Part-time and close to home. Which leaves me lots of time to pursue my many interests . To still be able to volunteer.

That’s all I wanted. In the interview I was asked what my rate was so I showed them my pay slip. I also told them I am willing to negotiate but not too much.

When told I would be offered the position and asked how much I was willing to work for I had to sit and have a think .

That was the hard bit as how much am I worth? I knew I was worth a bit but private sector these days are not paying as well as the public sector . So I named my rate about $1-2 less than my present rate.

I also told them that’s my rate and I am not budging.

I could gauge that they wanted me but didn’t know how much ? was it enough to pay me a decent wage ?

I did tell them that by chance I saw the position advertised and I took the opportunity . For I wasn’t even looking for work being so close to Christmas and I had heaps going on.

So there goes it just shows if an opportunity pops up grab it with all your might as you never know where it leads you.

In the end it doesn’t matter how much they are paying me.

It is how much they think I am worth and still willing to have me that matters.

And for that I will work to the best of my ability for them.