I accused him of giving cuddles with fine prints. He laughed well cuddles usually lead to something ? No not necessarily ..

Why can’t you let it be? let it be what it is? cuddles? and if it leads to something then it will? don’t force it ?

I can’t control it when I’m around you? I love your smell, your sexiness oh those pouting lips, your curves who can resist ?

Can’t you see you’re being selfish ? Can’t you see that I’m not ready and yet you still reach over for the lub and take me anyway? I resent that.

This morning the discussion came up again. Can’t you see how lucky you are? a husband that always want to make love to you? I need you, I need you now but I don’t want to. Tonight? come to bed early?

But I want you now ! Then the bargaining starts. A quickie? you know you owe me? I’ve got lots of brownie points I cooked dinner last night and I washed the dishes . Not last night you didn’t . Well I washed it the other night?

And I’m only trying to stick to the contract. I’m a man of my words . Where as you’re not?

Well no evidence of the contract anywhere? you’ve got no proof it ever existed?

Note: The contract was written on a recycled piece of cardboard. On it was both of our names from such and such address and the condition was sex 2-3 times a day and if one forfeits it is doubled or tripled.

Mind you the contract was written up when we were going out. We’ve been married 22-23 years now and together for 26 years.