I grew up loving music and when we had kids I tried to instil the same love in them . The endless chauffeuring to piano and guitar lessons until they could travel by themselves .

Today I’ve got to take the youngest to an AMEB exam..she’s only grade 4 AMEB only another 2 grades to go.

When she got into high school she begged us to learn the violin. Her dad passed the buck. My terms was that she has to keep piano and finish grade 6.

The reason was she wanted to be a music teacher back then and grade 6 AMEB is a prerequisite for music courses.

She’s been whinging ever since so I’ve told her look I don’t care if you take two exams in the one year ? if you practise more ? squeeze two grades in the one year and you’re done ?

Looks like she will take awhile..it’s taking her a year to do one grade..oh well