Funny how if you let it, thoughts will just slowly invade your head. If you’re not careful you end up second guessing yourself .

I’m a bit worried that I’ve made the wrong decision accepting this job. I told a friend and his reply was it’s okie to be anxious about a new job. You’re in the private sector. One week and you’ll be a veteran . Yeh right , the cheeky thing ended off with may be a hug will relax you . I laughed just like him to be flirty . In my experience doctors are always a bit flirty that’s how they get things done .

Don’t know why I’m worried . More so because I know they want me that badly that I’m not sure what to make heads or tails of . As no one has wanted me that badly before. Plus it’s also puts pressure on me to perform . I mean I’ve always done more than is required because I believe that’s the right thing to do.

Problem is I suck at commitment . That’s why I’ve always gone for casual positions so there’s a window that I can jump out of or a back door left opened .

Anyhow it’s only 14 hours a week and only  til February. Worse comes to worse I can leave when my contract is up.

One thing for sure I do believe things happens for a reason. And life? it entwines us all together. Who would have thought I would resign from my old job ?

If you’d asked me a few months back I would have replied it was the best place to work. I loved working there .

Who would have thought I’d end up working with my friend? We’ve been meaning to meet for coffees and no chance to . Funny that.