Very soon I’ll be an overstuffed sausage. Didn’t think to check work wear when I applied for the job.

To my dismay I have to wear a uniform and not only that it’s corporate wear meaning a suit and black shoes.

This afternoon was spent trying to find a pair of comfortable black shoes to wear for the next few months as I only own sandals and never had any problem wearing to work and they are comfy as.

I do have another 3 pairs of black shoes but they don’t fit properly. Been wearing them in to no avail. They were comfy to start with just can’t wear them all day.

Feeling a bit resentful as I treasure my legs. No legs means no work as I need them to walk around the hospital.

On top of that their shirt is one of those pleated shirt that makes someone curvy like me even more curvy. Ummm as if that’s not bad enough the shirts are semi fitted.

Anyhow here is hoping the manager will let me swap my jacket to a cardigan. That way this little sausage will only be a little stuffed .

Note to self. Next time applying for a job need to ask about uniform. Suits and closed shoes are a no no.