Can’t sleep so I am up . Been up since 5am lying there contemplating my day.

It’s going to be a beautiful day today down at the beach. In my mind I should really be packing up and driving down there to my hidey hole.

Yet I am here writing this. The thing is I’ve got a 60th tonight which means I have to drive back this afternoon and so it is delayed further til tomorrow reason being I can spend Monday there then drive back Tuesday.

My hidey hole is about an hour 40 from here. A place that’s been claimed as mine  since I’m the only one in the family that spends the bulk of the time there.

Now that I am not working down there anymore it’s been tough. I miss my hidey hole. Mostly it’s the solitude that I miss. Quiet nights after work, no hubby or kids to worry about.

Nights where anything for dinner would do and just plop in front of the TV. Nights where I have the bed to myself and no snoring or fiddling.

One more day!! Was hoping to come down for the long weekend but we are stuck . Hubby’s got to work today. Kids got tutoring . 60th tonight . Monday one of our staff called in sick so hubby’s stuck again. Kids’ exam time.

Looks like it will only be me driving down tomorrow night. It would be nice if we could all come down yet part of me is glad that it will only be me.

Photos: Ocean Grove Main Beach