I’ve always been a hospital pharmacist. Ever since I graduated I’ve been up on the wards. Loved it, the interactions with the nurses, doctors, allied health and of course the patients .

It’s been years now that I’ve been in dispensary . Just too hard to be on the wards only working a day here and there.

It took a long while to get use to it but I got there and found it suited me . The fast pace, the problem solving.

With this new job all of the sudden I am chucked on the wards again. At first I was like oh no it’s been like 6 years how am I going to cope?

Yesterday and today it just occurred to me  that my love for the wards never waned. It was just buried underneath all the reasons why I can’t be on the wards.

I’m not there often enough to know who is who with regard to nurses and doctors. It’s the patients that I interact with the most.

It’s the small talks like I heard you’re going home today or telling them how I’m forever lost.

Yesterday I even helped one with her emails. She wanted to delete a few hundred of them and she didn’t know how to do them in the one go.

Little things like that, it matters. It makes my day goes faster and sometimes I put a smile on their faces. I love that I can make them smile at least for a little while.

One told me today women are all beautiful none are ugly . It’s the women that think that they are ugly. Bless him this was after he told me he’s legally blind. I had a chuckle thinking how does he know that we are all beautiful then ?

Guess I’m still good to go as a ward pharmacist after all.

Funny that, may be this job was a blessing in disguise.

Photo of Swanston St, Melbourne