The magic word mum. I’ve always struggled as a mum.

All these years I hope I’ve instilled compassion and independence in my kids.

For I want them to grow up knowing how to do stuff just in case one day we are not there.

I want them to be able to cope in all aspects of life not just being academic. I wanted all rounded kids.

I must have done too well for  I’ve completely forgotten that my 13 years old is still a baby and still needs me.

She needs me for girly stuff. She’s been wearing hand me down bras from her sister since she’s grown out of hers and not once has she asked me to go buy her new ones.

It has been on my agenda for a few months now and haven’t gotten around to it.

Tomorrow is the day. Will take her shopping for new bras after school since I’m only working til lunch.

No more excuses . To think we only live 10-15 minutes drive to both big big shopping centres and yet..

How bad of a mum can I be?