I woke up at 6am today..then dozed off..

I was thinking wow it’s 930pm and it’s still nice and bright . I’ll go for a walk so off I went braless and with thongs on my feet.

Then half way down the road I realised I can’t walk too long like this and I really wanted a long walk so I headed home to change.

Bras on , runners on , then saw door opened so went looking for the key to lock it. By the time I’ve done it it’s grown darker . From inside I could still see people outside walking .

Part of me was thinking bugger it’s too late. The other part what the heck? Let’s go.

This time instead of walking in the same direction I walked the other way. Only a short way down I noticed a young girl in her 20s? She was beckoning me over.

Being a mum I didn’t hesitate , she looked a bit lost . All of the sudden it wasn’t a girl but a man and he was chasing me.

I ran to the nearest house and knocked on a door. A person came and opened the door just in time. I let myself in and turned the lock.

It was an elderly woman home alone. I was like oh no we are both dead meat . Have you got a phone ? so we can ring the police?

Woke up when she approaches me with an old cordless phone.

Another nightmare. It means my mind is unsettled. I never knew what to make of them. Now that I am older I can decipher.

They only come when I’m undecided about something or about a particular situation.

They don’t stay for long. I’d go without for weeks and months and then they’d come again when I’m least expected .

Just a constant reminder that I am not out of the woods just yet.